Tandemia is the name of an online art platform. It aims at cultural exchange as well as the promotion of the Polish art and culture through virtual communication in the time of pandemic threat. The platform enables communication with artists from all around the world and provides the possibility of giving birth to new works in the process of dialogue with the artists. Moreover, the platform creates an opportunity to share comments and remarks, and each artist participating in the project will spur other artists on to continue the process of creating their own works – which would be based on this project’s concept – as well as the viewers using the platform. The main idea is to record the present situation which is not only unprecedented, but also very dynamic, including various pandemic-related phenomena in a broad context, for instance the announcement of quarantine, closing the borders and the global threat. This is a place meant for contemplation not only as regards the future of the society that is now dealing with one of the greatest threats of this century, but also the post-pandemic civilization.

The idea behind the platform is to see how the pandemic shapes artistic approaches, forms of expression and care for the future of art. The platform creates the possibility of finding forms suitable not only for promotion, sharing art or for online communication; it becomes also a virtual space for sharing ideas, a kind of an open atelier where artists can look at each other’s works and exchange opinions. The platform is a perfect place to try different kinds of media through animation, video, video performance, the art of drawing, writing or completely new artistic forms and tools. The projects may take the form of a journal, stories, conceptual or video forms. The form can be anything, it is rather the application of novel solutions and digital tools which is a challenge. How artists refer to the situation of the epidemic threat, financial and economic crisis, social distancing, threats such as conspiracy theories, fake news, virals, disinformation or tracking. The topic opens a wide field of getting inspired by history, for instance by previous pandemics, symbolism of death, development of medicine, as well as of studying contemporary phenomena linked to new technologies, cyber security or biotechnology.

The platform is constructed in accordance with the structure of exponential growth, which means that each artist is entitled to invite two more artists to the project each month.

Project supported by the Polish Ministery of Culture and National Heritage.It is a part of  “Culture in Web” Project.