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 The Purge

An escape from São Paulo, breaking from the strict quarantine in a small apartment. It felt like a blessing to just see some open landscape. As we could freely walk around, we found a natural water fountain and a sanctuary with religious connotations by its side. People would leave thankful copper plates or small religious gifts for something they felt thankful for. I am always weary of catholic symbols, but here they were mixed with other ones, illustrating the beauty of Brazilian syncretism.
Sadly, when we stopped by the same spot the next day, there had just been a “clean up” that not only removed stains and a certain messiness that gave the whole thing its charm, but also expressions others than the catholic ones: and that is also Brazil, Bolsonaro’s Brazil, a country of bigots, racists, misogynists. The pandemic doesn’t seem to change the rooted intolerance which seems intimately connected to the origins of new pandemics.


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The future never comes

Part 1 Video 1370×1024 2’35”

This series of videos work as a pause, during the pandemic, to look at our ow country and its struggles as it fails miserably, as in other domains, to deal with the sanitary crisis. As visual artists, we have always kept a melancholic relationship to the modern Brazilian architecture movement. A symbol of the years predating the industrial boom in the 1950’s, Brazilian modernist architecture is a beautiful, promising, utopian and futuristic concrete-based display of architectural beauty and engineering marvel. Today, it stands, in its many public palaces, as a symbol of a future that never came and sadly seems to never come, as Brazil continuously stumbles on its recurring mistakes, politically, ethically and morally. In these videos, we aim at showing some of the beautiful curves, pilotis and other characteristics of modernist architecture, sometimes in contrast to a state of decay.

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Ewa Surowiec

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 Password: Tandemia
Self – Quarantine Exercises / full HD , sound, color , 2020
Made during self-qurantine in August 2020. It’s a  simplified choreograhical improvisation. How physical interaction with space and time during isolation in the  minimal environment affects our mind.

Ewa Surowiec


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Pandemic. Schrödinger Cats.

password: Tandemia

Pandemic.(Schrödinger cats)

Short experimental film  / Krótki film eksperymentalny / Full HD,  3min, loop, sound, color, PAL, 2020

                          photography and sound, editing / realizacja obrazu i dźwięku, montaż : Michał Nogala

                          scenography: Michał Nogala 

                          performed by  Ewa Surowiec

                         directed by Michał Nogala and Ewa Surowiec

                          idea and screenplay based on 3 online chat conversations /

                         idea i scenariusz na podstawie 3 rozmów online: Ewa Surowiec

                          production / producentka : Ewa Surowiec

                          copyright: Ewa Surowiec

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