Michał Nogala / Ewa Surowiec

Michal Nogala known as Janusz Filmu, graduated from Academy of Film and TV in Warsaw on the faculty of film directing. He has been a cinematographer and moviemaker since 20 years. He started with videoclips productions, then he switched to advertisement TV production field. Currently his focus is sharing his experience and knowledge through workshops and tutorials, especially via YouTube – “Janusz Filmu” where the form is transformed to rap music videos. In 2018 he won Grand Video Awards in category videotutorial and in 2019 he won GVA in category of art and culture.

Ewa Surowiec  was born in Łódź in Poland. She has studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and graduated in 2009 from University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig in Germany. In 2010 she obtained  a postgraduate diploma after completing Postgraduate Curatorial Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Her scope of interest includes experimental films, video art, collage, painting and installation.. In her practice she is interested in communication and human mental condition in the age of new technologies and constantly changing society. She has taken part in many art shows, screenings and projects.

Pandemic.(Schrödinger cats)

experimental film  / Full HD,  3min, loop, sound, color, PAL, 2020

                          photography and sound, editing : Michał Nogala

                          scenography: Michał Nogala 

                          performed by  Ewa Surowiec

                         directed by Michał Nogala and Ewa Surowiec

                          idea and screenplay : Ewa Surowiec

production : Ewa Surowiec

Idea is based on three privat chat conversations made during lockdown. “Schroedinger cats” can be translated to a thought experiment that illustrates a paradox of quantum superposition. A hypothetical cat may be considered simultaneously both alive and dead. Three episodes express three different mental conditions – disorders: complusive obsessive, paranoid and hypochondric.