Leticia Maria / Philip Varenz

Leticia María (Muñoz) has a degree in Fine Arts and a professor at the Design School in Palma, where she currently lives and works. Multidisciplinary artist, he has studied in different schools in France and Mexico, acquiring in his work a wide range of techniques and visual (sculpture, photography, video), and Scenic, (contemporary dance, theater
and performance). She has participated in different International Festivals (Water Tower Art Fest, in Sofia, Bulgaria), (International Video Dance Festival of Mallorca), (Bang, Barcelona International Video Art Festival). Art Fairs (Art Athina in Athens) and (Supermarket in Stockholm), Public Institutions (Instituto Cervantes de Sofia) and in international University (Akademi Sztuk de Loodz, Poland, Tbilisi State Academy Of Art. Georgia. Cdex Université Du Québec À
Montréal. Canada) and Mallorca’s Museums (Es Baluard and Miró Foundation). Her work focuses on the representation of stereotypes, symbolism, the use of iconic images and products, the game, and the social role of women, as a
way to expose and out of context, this type of generated social behavior for the consumer society. Interested in the politicized body of the individual as a recipient of these stimuli, thinker, perceiver and channeler that reflects social
behavior, in the form of alienation with anesthetizing behaviors before reality. The actions are presented as video performance, a technique that I use as a global result of the staging of the body itself, the image and the space,
scenographic or real. The intimate and the daily environment and certain social roles are the basis of my work, often mixed with the sense of humor and the absurdity of certain everyday and social scenes that reflect reality as a tragicomedy. Making the small, intimate and concrete a way of positioning and a path to travel towards the distant, the utopia and the ideal. Simplicity, like a silent cry to the void and anachronistic towards the excesses
that theconsumer society has accustomed us.

Philip Varenz, born in Barcelona, has combined music composition and novel writing since the early 1980s. As a writer he signed as Felipe Hernández, and began his career with the publication of the novel Naturaleza (Anagrama, 1989, Spain). His last published novel is Virtual, (Verdier, 2021, France). As a composer he has focused on music for installations, videos, contemporary dance and documentaries. His first work was the soundtrack of the exhibition Acéfal, by Lluís Juncosa, 1985 (Galeria Metrònom, Barcelona). His last collaborations have been compositions for the installations Insectarivm, with Enric Socías, and the Installation FLUO, with the artist Leticia Muñoz Maria (2021).